System App


Create diagrams and maps of your infrastructure. Easy with drag'n drop, powerful with scriptable maps.


Import your existing CMDB / JSON data, and the System App will sync it with your maps automatically.


Bind external monitoring data to maps, and create rules to trigger events and visual alerts.

Please select an option:

Guest demo or Admin demo

Please note that maps created on the demo system will be deleted every few hours!
If you wish to keep a test map, please use the "My Local Map" which is saved on your browser's local storage.

Your infrastructure at a glance

Click, inspect - as easy as that! The System App works with your current data, and details about your infrastructure is only a mouse click a way.

A combination of AJAX and WebSockets connections keeps your data up-to-date, no matter where they come from and no matter where they're hosted.

Work with your existing resources

The System App works with your current data and it's schema-independent. You can bind any external JSON: be it Nagios monitoring, SNMP output, SQL debugging... really, any JSON.

Visual alerts, instant action

Create events and alerts using "if this than that" rules. CPU is too high? Make the shape red. Problems on a connection between servers? Blink it. Firewall detected an intrusion? Show a tooltip alert.

You define the rules, the System App alerts you. So you can take the necessary actions in no time.